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Why shop fair trade this Christmas?

Why shop fair trade this Christmas?

Christmas is such a special time of year; full of festive lights and colours and seasonal scents. Thereís an atmosphere in the air created by the hustle and bustle of determined shoppers looking for that perfect present. You spend hours and hours traipsing around shop after shop feeling utterly uninspired by the same unimaginative gifts on offer. Well stop; make sure your first shop is Shared Earth and we guarantee that perfect present, that totally inspired, utterly unique, one of a kind gift youíve been searching for is here.

If youíve been into any of our shops, you will know that we are passionate about what we do. Thatís part of the reason why we love working here so much, The Shared Earth family stretches across the globe to some of the poorest areas there are and Christmas is a time which makes that poverty more apparent. Buying Fair Trade at Christmas is one of the things we can do to help those who truly need a helping hand. We absolutely love the feeling of aiding someone pick out that special something. Especially when we know that ultimately every item we sell is like 2 gifts for the price of 1. The first being for your friend, loved one or family member and the second being the gift of a better life for the artisan who made it. Fair Trade is a big deal to us and our producers and artisans are the ones who inspire us to always strive for more.

Not only does buying ethical aid our producers abroad but it also can benefit your budget. Many people are under the assumption that fair trade is expensive and in truth it isnít. We have a vast range of gifts under £5 and a lot more for only a few pounds more. Not only that but if youíre a fan of online shopping we have constant offers on our website ( with vastly reduced products of the month on sale. I guarantee bargains are there to be had and you donít have to search high and low for them.

Christmas is our favourite holiday. We love covering everything in tinsel and fairy lights and fake snow, We love the warmth a crowded shop can create and feel loved when we see more and more shoppers come in from the cold. Donít forget to grab a basket on the way in though because believe me you will want to fill it. Our staff are on hand to help you with all your shopping needs, from the little things to helping you pick the best colour, to getting your item in a box or giving you the interesting history behind how your item is made and by whom. We love getting the fair trade message across so please never hesitate to ask for assistance.

If youíre as excited about the holiday spirit as we are, start your countdown with a fair trade advent calendar, £3.99 available instore, and continue it right through till next Christmas with our fantastic range of 2015 diaries and calendars while stock lasts.

We look forward to seeing you both in York & Liverpool.

Merry Christmas!

Jen (Retail Manager)

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