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Joliba Trust - Plant 100 Trees for just £10

Want to make a difference? Plant 100 trees for just £10!

Mali in West Africa is made up mainly of arid plains bordering on the Sahara desert. It is badly affected as the temperature warms and many people have already migrated south as their land has become untenable. The Joliba Trust works in over 200 villages to stem this tide and has already received international recognition for its success in funding self-help development. This includes tree planting, dune stabilization, pasture regeneration, building wells, training in health and nutrition; in summary, sustaining the livelihoods of people threatened in particular by rising temperatures, increasing droughts and desertification.

Trees are essential to this work, and in the last 20 years Joliba have planted several million of them. Very soon, they make a noticeable difference to the topsoil depth in adjoining fields. Some, like papaya trees, bear fruit in just 6 months, and others like mango, orange and date and tamarind also fruit quickly and help local women to generate an income. Others like baobabs provide leaves which help millet, a staple local food, to grow; their fruit provides utritious feed for cattle and they are excellent at stabilizing dunes, surviving droughts, and helping in times of famine.

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21 steps in making a pill box

Tara Projects in India make these beautiful intricate pill boxes. There are 21 steps in the process. It takes 8 craftspeople a day to make 50 of these little boxes that we sell at Shared Earth. That has to be worth at least 3 coffees on the high street! We love these boxes and share with you these many stages.

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All our products are now shipped carbon-free

As a business, we want to do all we can to protect our planet. But how to avoid the carbon emissions created by shipping goods across the world? It’s a dilemma for all importers.

Shared Earth has become the first importer in the UK gift, fashion and homeware sector to decarbonize its shipping, by changing from fossil fuels to biofuels. Since January 2021, our whole supply chain (air, road and sea), is 100% carbon-neutral, resulting in CO2 emissions of  ZERO!

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News from our supplier Karm Marg in India

We'd like to share with you a newsletter from our supplier Karm Marg in India. Karm Marg provides a safe refuge for children, a family-like atmosphere and opportunities for education, skill development and employment.

"At the end of March 20 as Covid Cases started to be reported in India, the Indian Government ordered a complete lockdown on movement giving people a 4 hours notice only. For us this meant that we had to quickly ensure that our children had enough food, medicines and systems in place that would keep them healthy and safe. Luckily we had a stock of grains and other dry rations combined with our own fresh vegetables so that we did not have to buy food from outside for the first two months.

The lockdown also meant that our staff could not come to work and since then we have been managing with very little staff. It has been a challenge to keep all the children engaged and busy. Things run smoothly for a while, the moment a problem arises all our resources are severely stretched. School are shut and we do not know when the schools will open or when they open will be it at all be safe to send the children to school..."
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Money raised for Covid-19 relief in India, Kenya and Uganda

We are delighted to announce that you, our supporters, have helped us raise these sums from the Just Giving sites on our websites:

India - £6,335 including £2,400 donation from Shared Earth (target £5,000)

Kenya and Uganda - £3,079 (target £2,500)

Thank you everyone who helped us to reach our targets!

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South Africa (Nobunto)

As the infection rate rises again in the UK, we are going to try to update you on news about how Covid-19 is affecting our suppliers around the world. We’re starting with a new supplier – whose products won’t be arriving with us until December or possible after Christmas – but who are delighted to have received our orders to help them out at a time when orders for them are few and far between.

Nobunto Candles is a WFTO member in the rural and picturesque village of Napier, 180km east of Capetown, producing handmade and painted candles with distinctly African styles. This year should have been a happy one for them, as it marks their tenth anniversary; their first candle was handpainted on 3rd May, 2010. Unfortunately the lockdown meant they had to close down for 9 weeks and like most small producers in the southern hemisphere, they don’t have large reserves to bridge such a long period of time without production and income. Compared to Europe, government support in South Africa is rare, and there’s little in the way of social security.

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Update on East Africa

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated or helped share our fundraising campaign

The Zuri Foundation and Shared Earth have now raised over £2000, with an additional £1,000 promised by York Society of Friends (Quakers). This has helped many people in East Africa who are struggling to survive and stay safe during COVID-19 lockdowns.

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India Update

These are the most challenging times in the working history of many of our suppliers in India; for almost 3 months, production and sales have been virtually at a halt. There is little or no government subsidy for those without work and of course no furlough scheme and our suppliers are doing whatever they can to provide food aid and other help.

The situation is grim in India at present. The lockdown has been relaxed, which it had to be for economic reasons, but this has resulted in a surge of cases and deaths in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and in many other cities. The virus is now in every neighborhood, especially in the bigger cities, due to the dense populations there. Many neighborhoods are now containment zones, with new cases emerging each day. In Delhi there are more than 445 Covid-19 ‘hotspots’ where movement is strictly restricted. In total India has had more than 79,000 cases and around 22,000 people have died. Testing has increased, but is still far from sufficient.

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Shared Earth Update

Shared Earth’s shops in York and Liverpool have now been open for nearly 3 weeks, and whilst the high street is quiet, it’s gradually getting better and we’re making enough money to pay our staff… just! Although some of our retail staff are still on furlough. Our Liverpool shop is doing well with mainly locals who are delighted to find us open again. York is not so good as we rely so much on tourists. We are selling hundreds of masks and have nearly 40,000 more on order from our Fair Trade suppliers in Sri Lanka – including a great rainbow design. For the discerning customer, who is of course passionate about the environment, we have special masks (already in stock) embroidered with the words ‘Protect Ourselves… Protect our Planet’.

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Nandini dies in New Delhi

Nandini, one of the 12 year old sponsorship children of our supplier Tara Project’s education project, died two days ago, not from the Coronavirus, but because of the pressure on the health system in India. Koko from Tara writes:

It is still difficult to believe that she is no more with us. Due to strict lockdown, it was very difficult for her parents to take her to hospital on time. When her fever increased somehow with the help of one of our volunteers she was taken to a government hospital. Unfortunately she was not attended seriously by the attendant doctors there as they were too busy with so many other patients. They just gave her some tablets and sent her back. She was not admitted in the hospital, also as many wards of the hospitals had been converted to corona specific. Not only Nandini but hundreds of sick people are being deprived of the ordinary treatment due to the pandemic. The hospitals just have no capacity. It shows how unjust and a weak health infrastructure we have in the country. Hospitals are charging exorbitant fees and it has become difficult for many sick people to get admission.

In response to this, Tara has opened a Health Centre in the Badapur community in New Delhi. This is at great risk to the doctors and other volunteers involved, because although they have proper PPE equipment, many patients coming to the centre have tuberculosis and fever. Most other hospitals are not treating many ordinary patients, afraid they might have Coronavirus. Tara finds this situation alarming, but they and their staff are completely committed.
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