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Update on children we sponsored in India

Sungai Watch report 223 Q2

We've just had an update from Karm Marg, an orphanage near New Delhi who help to get kids off the streets. Essentially a home for children, it provides a safe refuge, a family-like atmosphere and opportunities for education, skills development and employment.

Several years ago Shared Earth sponsored some of these children. When Karm Marg first met them, they were on the streets, abused, hungry and parent-less and with no hope in their lives at all. >>

Created On  2 Nov 2023 9:30  -  >>
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England Business Awards North West - Best Gift Shop

Sungai Watch report 223 Q2

Congratulations to our Liverpool shop on winning the Best Gift Shop award in the England Business Awards North West

Our Liverpool shop is officially the best gift shop in Liverpool. Retail Director Jen and her team picked up this prestigious award on Saturday at the English Business Awards North West event >>

Created On  18 Sep 2023 21:44  -  >>
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Sungai Watch - Update July 2023

Sungai Watch report 223 Q2

The latest quarterly ‘catch’ at the river barrier in Bali we sponsor was 1,175kg of plastic, the largest daily catch being 63kg on 6 June.

Total to date (March 2022 - June 2023): 6,335kg >>

Created On  16 Jul 2023 10:15  -  >>
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Sustainable Raw Materials

Sustainable raw materials

One of our main objectives is to ensure that we use as many sustainable raw materials as posssible.

Recycled and sustainable products are the basis of our product range. We have always used as many recycled materials as possible, and consider the impact on the planet when choosing and developing new products >>

Created On  20 Apr 2023 9:45  -  >>
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Tools for Bali

Tools for Bali

Shared Earth tries hard to build the capacity of its producers, and in 2022 we gave a grant of £8,800 to eleven of the producer groups we buy from in Bali.

Bali’s artisans have an astonishing array of skills, and our producers there are all small family businesses, usually with between 1 and 5 workers. They make mobiles, dreamcatchers, suncatchers, buddhas, bee and bird houses, terrariums, patchwork clothing, wooden cats and birds, mosaic pottery, musical instruments and a host of other products. Most are based in rural areas around the town of Ubud, in the north of Bali >>

Created On  14 Apr 2023 10:15  -  >>
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Sungai Watch - Update October 2022

We've just received an update on the amount of plastic collected from the barrier in Bali donated by Shared Earth:

March - October 2022: Non-Organic material Collected 2,678kg >>>

Created On  10 Oct 2022 12:48  -  >>
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World Fair Trade Organisation Summit, Berlin 2022

Shared Earth Directors Jeremy Piercy and Yuliana Sjahlendra recently attended the 17th Summit of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO), held in Berlin. Nearly 400 people attended, including several of our suppliers, from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Kenya and Chile >>>

Created On  7 Sep 2022 11:00  -  >>
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Sungai Watch - Taking Action on Plastic Waste

In January, we donated £4,000 to Sungai Watch, a great local NGO in Bali which build river barriers to stop plastic flowing into the oceans. The waste is collected and sorted every week, providing employment to local villagers. Sungai Watch even collects and analyses the brand labels of the plastic, writing to the worst offending companies to show them what harm they are doing to the planet. >>>

Created On  15 Aug 2022 4:30  -  >>
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Joliba Trust - Plant 100 Trees for just £10

Want to make a difference? Plant 100 trees for just £10!

Mali in West Africa is made up mainly of arid plains bordering on the Sahara desert. It is badly affected as the temperature warms and many people have already migrated south as their land has become untenable. The Joliba Trust works in over 200 villages to stem this tide and has already received international recognition for its success in funding self-help development. This includes tree planting, dune stabilization, pasture regeneration, building wells, training in health and nutrition; in summary, sustaining the livelihoods of people threatened in particular by rising temperatures, increasing droughts and desertification.

Trees are essential to this work, and in the last 20 years Joliba have planted several million of them. Very soon, they make a noticeable difference to the topsoil depth in adjoining fields. Some, like papaya trees, bear fruit in just 6 months, and others like mango, orange and date and tamarind also fruit quickly and help local women to generate an income. Others like baobabs provide leaves which help millet, a staple local food, to grow; their fruit provides utritious feed for cattle and they are excellent at stabilizing dunes, surviving droughts, and helping in times of famine.

Created On  14 Apr 2021 15:12  -  >>
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21 steps in making a pill box

Tara Projects in India make these beautiful intricate pill boxes. There are 21 steps in the process. It takes 8 craftspeople a day to make 50 of these little boxes that we sell at Shared Earth. That has to be worth at least 3 coffees on the high street! We love these boxes and share with you these many stages.

Created On  25 Mar 2021 15:12  -  >>
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