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Mosaic Homeware

These beautiful handmade pieces are made in Bali by small family units. Sheets of glass are hand cut into the smaller mosaic tiles you see on the final product. They're very skilled and will often sit on the floor in their gardens and hand place the tiles in such an amazing artistic way as to produce the final flawless piece and get it pretty perfect every time. They're then left to dry in the sun and packaged up for you to enjoy in your home.

Gold coloured round plate, green mosaic 19cm
(Code: JCQER19721)
£ 9.99
(-30.03%) £ 6.99
Gold coloured round plate, blue mosaic 19cm
(Code: JCQER19719)
£ 9.99
(-30.03%) £ 6.99
Gold coloured square plate, green mosaic 20cm
(Code: JCQER19718)
£ 7.99
(-37.55%) £ 4.99
Bowl, mosaic, 30cm black
(Code: JCQER19701)
£ 24.99