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Say No to Plastics (including Thermocol)!

Say No to Plastics (including Thermocol)!
In its recent campaign to reduce plastic, Shared Earth recently wrote to its suppliers requesting them to avoid the use of Thermocol (polystyrene) in packaging. Thermocol sheets are often used, for instance, to fill in gaps, when rolled up cardboard sheets can be used instead.

Three suppliers have already agreed to this request, one (Tara Projects in India) saying it will stop using Thermocol with all its other customers too. This is a great example of eco-friendly change actually taking place.

There are reservations because plastics are often easier and more convenient to use – that’s why they have been so successful! Alternatives may involve more time spent, less convenience, even perhaps greater cost. But they are for the benefit of the planet and essential if we are to tackle the problems of plastics, even climate change. The reason plastic is so omni-present is its ease of use/convenience. We’ve got into the habit of using it, and habits are hard to change, but this is one habit we really have to tackle.

Read more about Thermocol, its uses, and how it is destroying our environment in this article on

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