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News from our supplier Karm Marg in India

We'd like to share with you a newsletter from our supplier Karm Marg in India. Karm Marg provides a safe refuge for children, a family-like atmosphere and opportunities for education, skill development and employment.

"At the end of March 20 as Covid Cases started to be reported in India, the Indian Government ordered a complete lockdown on movement giving people a 4 hours notice only. For us this meant that we had to quickly ensure that our children had enough food, medicines and systems in place that would keep them healthy and safe. Luckily we had a stock of grains and other dry rations combined with our own fresh vegetables so that we did not have to buy food from outside for the first two months.

The lockdown also meant that our staff could not come to work and since then we have been managing with very little staff. It has been a challenge to keep all the children engaged and busy. Things run smoothly for a while, the moment a problem arises all our resources are severely stretched. School are shut and we do not know when the schools will open or when they open will be it at all be safe to send the children to school.

This time has been particularly difficult for our children/youth with special needs. The lockdown and the fact that all the children are constantly at home has upset their routine and they do not get their usual dose of undivided attention. We have noticed that some psychological problems have started and we need to address them."

Update since the above newsletter:
The virus has hit Karm Marg hard, especially they are finding it hard to pay staff’s wages. However they have stockpiled basic food and resources to look after the children for the next 6 months, and in October, some of the older kids are taking part in Delhi’s annual marathon to raise funds, hoping it will still go ahead.
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