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Nandini dies in New Delhi

Nandini, one of the 12 year old sponsorship children of our supplier Tara Project’s education project, died two days ago, not from the Coronavirus, but because of the pressure on the health system in India. Koko from Tara writes:
It is still difficult to believe that she is no more with us. Due to strict lockdown, it was very difficult for her parents to take her to hospital on time. When her fever increased somehow with the help of one of our volunteers she was taken to a government hospital. Unfortunately she was not attended seriously by the attendant doctors there as they were too busy with so many other patients. They just gave her some tablets and sent her back. She was not admitted in the hospital, also as many wards of the hospitals had been converted to corona specific. Not only Nandini but hundreds of sick people are being deprived of the ordinary treatment due to the pandemic. The hospitals just have no capacity. It shows how unjust and a weak health infrastructure we have in the country. Hospitals are charging exorbitant fees and it has become difficult for many sick people to get admission.

In response to this, Tara has opened a Health Centre in the Badapur community in New Delhi. This is at great risk to the doctors and other volunteers involved, because although they have proper PPE equipment, many patients coming to the centre have tuberculosis and fever. Most other hospitals are not treating many ordinary patients, afraid they might have Coronavirus. Tara finds this situation alarming, but they and their staff are completely committed.

I am instructing all our staff at Shared Earth to spare a thought, when they clap for our carers in Britain on Thursdays, for Tara’s brave workers; and all the other medical staff in India who are having to deal with such alarming situations.

For our wholesale customers, the top priority at the moment will be working out whether or how to open your shops. We will do all we can to help, if possible; our warehouse is working hard to get orders out quickly and our staff (David and Paula) are available every day to answer queries.

But amidst our vital business concerns, we want always to keep remembering our key aims, to stand up for the less privileged and help create a better world.

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