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Meet the Artisans – Ms Mousmeen, Tara Projects

Ms. Mousmeen (pictured) is the coordinator of the Khiwai Mahila Hastshilp artisan group which is based in Khiwai village in District Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

For the girls in the village, proceeding to higher education is a dream for them and the lack of this educational background means they can become victims of exploitation.

More than a decade ago, Mousmeen and several of her fellow women were working for contractors that were taking jewellery orders from the city for them to make in the village, this commercial trade did not ensure a fair price for them.

With the support from Tara Projects, Mousmeen organised her own group in 2003, initially with three fellow women working from home, today there are 17 artisans (15 women and 2 men) working from a separate workshop. Through an adult education program by Tara, they have learnt the basic of accounts and how to write.

Mousmeen says: "The work we received helped me to stand on my feet. I am happy that today things have changed for better. We send our children to school and this could be possible only through Fair Trade. ”

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