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For the love of crystals

For the love of crystals

Hey there!

My name is Caitliń and I work in the Liverpool store on the iconic Bold Street. I started over two years ago as a volunteer on a Saturday, and now I’ve been a paid member of staff since the end of October! Funnily enough, Saturday is now my set paid day! 🙂

I absolutely love everything that we sell here at Shared Earth, and especially the uniqueness of everything and how the hard working artisans who expertly handcraft our products are paid fairly for their work. But today I’m going to talk to you about what would have to be my favourite type of product we sell… Crystals!

Now, Crystals have many different uses, including (but not limited to) healing, protection, meditation, even for decoration and most commonly for people to make use of their mystical healing properties. I personally love to implement all of the uses, especially the metaphysical properties that each beautiful Crystals inhibits.

I have 50+ Crystals in various forms, whether that be; tumblestones, geodes, clusters, points, slices, raw Crystals, jewellery, Pendulums and I even have an Agate lamp too! If I had to pick, I would have to say that my two favourite Crystals are Moonstone and Rose Quartz. Not only do I think they look truly beautiful (an opinion I share about all of the Crystals), but the Energies radiated and the healing properties processes by them are wonderful.

Moonstone is said to be connected to the moon and the moon cycle too, consequently it also inhibits Lunar energies, which would explain why this Crystal is especially useful in Crystal Healing when it comes to; women’s health, especially; period pains, pregnancy issues, the menopause and overall emotional instability.

Rose Quartz is said to be the "Crystal of Love”, and is the main stone connected to the Heart Chakra, therefore it it often used in Reiki, to balance the Energies (Chi) in the Heart Chakra. In Crystal Healing, it is especially useful for helping with emotional upheaval, grief, loneliness, heartache and it encourages self love.

You can cleanse all of your Crystals by leaving them either outside or on window-ledge on the evening of a full moon, as the Lunar Energies will charge and cleanse your Crystals (of course this will especially benefit Moonstone). You can also ground your Crystals by burying them slightly underground (around 5cm deep) and leaving them there overnight.

Caitlin (Liverpool)

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