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Fair Trade ‘Peoples Mask’ almost sold out within 24 hours!

Our first order of the ‘Peoples Mask’, which arrived two days ago, sold out almost straight away – of 6 codes, 5 sold through completely, some of them much oversubscribed. Another shipment will be made next week. They are made by a WFTO member in Sri Lanka who are delighted that they are able to provide their artisans with work, which they can completed at home, during the lockdown.

As sorting the masks into separate colours would have meant a 2 week delay, we are now selling them as ‘assorted colours’ under codes MASK06 (medium) and MASK07 (large).

For legal reasons, we will now be referring to them as ‘face coverings’ instead of masks, the latter term involving a lengthy and costly process of testing. The product is the same, the wording different! Such is bureaucracy.

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