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A day in the life of a Shared Earth Sales Assistant

A day in the life of a Shared Earth Sales Assistant

I can honestly say working for Shared Earth is a rewarding job. Not only do we have the best customers we also have great colleagues, who are more like family. Everyone is so accepting of all our flaws and eccentricities. Jen has a hard job looking after us all.

The day always starts with opening up and doing the chores, which include tills, sweeping and mopping, Turning on the music box and selecting the CD for the day ahead, which will set the mood. Sometimes we have a really chilled CD, like Tibetan Mantras or my personal favourite African Voices, which is really lively and happy. The best track is Fire and we have our very own dance, come in and join us we will be glad to teach you the moves.

Then the most important thing, a cuppa and catch up. If itís a Thursday or Friday, I normally get some muffins or doughnuts on my way in, to go with our morning brew.

The first customers start to arrive, either on their way to work or out shopping early to beat the crowds. We have our regulars who pop in for a chat and to pick something up or to see if we have any new stock in.

The customers who have never been before are amazed by the smell of the shop and all the goodies we have. I love it when we get someone new discovering us. They pick our brains for ideas and where and how things are made.

We always love it when customers thank us for just being us and will bring chocolates and biscuits.

The afternoon gets busy and we are running back and forward to the stock room getting things in boxes and checking if we have more.

Occasionally we get customers asking if we do gift wrapping, and as long as they buy our gift wrap we are happy to do this. This is always one of my favourite things to do as our paper is so lovely, and it makes the gifts look that little bit extra special.

Round about 4ish, we start to get the money ready for the banking and get the X Reads for the topping up.

The last two hours fly by, doing all the end of day chores, Counting the floats, and leaving the shop clean and tidy for the following day.

The shutter comes down at six and the last of the customers leave. No one leaves until we are all ready and we go out together. We all say our goodbyes with hugs and then decide if we are going up or down Bold Street, and thatís it until the next time we are back in work to do it all again.

Helen (Liverpool)

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