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A chocolate loverís guide to chocolateÖ

A chocolate loverís guide to chocolateÖI wouldnít like to say Iím a connoisseur of chocolate but Iíve eaten enough in my lifetime to feel like my opinion must hold some weight. Over the years Shared Earth has sold many brands of fair trade and ethically sourced chocolate but none have been as popular as the ĎChoc Affairí chocolate that we sell now. Weíre completely taken in by their beautiful packaging and outrageous flavours. No other manufacturer Iíve come across can put rose with raspberry and make a combination that borders on heavenly. Itís not their only flavour either, we currently stock 15 different ones and I have had the pleasure of sampling them all just for you, and here are my results;

Raspberry and Rose (milk)
This is by far one of my favourites; it is divine. I described it earlier as heavenly and Iím not wrong. The Turkish delight feel of the rose combined with the sweet fruity raspberry is something I didnít know I wanted but by gosh, I needed.

Bergamot (dark)
The taste of Earl grey tea, a surprising like. The taste is subtle but the dark chocolate is so velvety and smooth it just melts happily down your throat. I often find dark chocolate too rich but could easily eat a full bar of this in one go.

Peppermint (dark)
Classic mint chocolate but actually one of the nicest ones Iíve tried. If mint chocolate is your thing, you will go nuts for this, itís really good.

Rhubarb (milk)
The rhubarb one is definitely in my top 5. It isnít really strong like some of the others. Instead itís a creamy milk chocolate with a lovely after taste of rhubarb. The only downsize is I ate the bar too quickly trying to prolong the yummy after taste left in my mouth.

Lime and sea salt (dark)
The first bite of this I was taken aback with how salty it was. I didnít like it but I persevered and have in fact changed my mind on it. I love it! I like the bitterness of the chocolate with the tang of the lime and the sharpness of the salt and once you realise that the salt is mostly on the base of the bar you can avoid the strong alt taste straight off.

Caramel (milk)
This one is an unusual one as unlike most other bars rather than having a soft gooey caramel centre itís more infused into the chocolate making it caramel flavoured instead but it does not disappoint. At no point did I get that sugar overload feeling and cavity growing fear you often associate with caramel just the smooth milky chocolate with the sweet caramel after taste. Beautiful.

Orange and Geranium (milk)
I was unsire about this one before I tried it. Iím not the biggest lover of orange chocolate but I was pleasantly surprised because it doesnít actually taste that orangey. The geranium is the stronger flavour and I can only liken it to Fryís Turkish delight.

Lime and Lavender (milk)
This is my favourite. I just love it. I have eaten so many of these bars and I think my fastest is in about 5 minutes. I just love the sing of the lime with the positively floral taste of the lavender. The combination just keeps going way after youíve wolfed it down and I can honestly say eating it makes me happy.

Ginger (milk)
Ginger usually is with dark chocolate so infusing it with milk seems a little unorthodox but it works because itís so subtle. As you eat the chocolate it tastes just of milk chocolate, all the ginger loveliness seems to be in the after taste so youíre best savouring every mouthful.

Lavender (white)
This one is refreshing. Not a huge white chocolate fan but the lavender works well. It kind of takes away the sickly sweet white chocolate taste and leaves you with the beautiful floral aroma of lavender. Not my favourite but certainly well worth a taste due to its distinctiveness.

Chilli (dark)
I could imagine if you love chilli this is for you.. but itís not for me. A word of warning, itís quite strong as there is flecks of chilli flakes in it. The kick of the chilli is surprising and it definitely stays in your mouth way after you finish. I could imagine it would be great for any chilli chocolate cookery recipes though.

Salted Caramel (milk)
A wacky fad? Not if I can help it. This salted caramel wraps up my top 3. I wasnít on board with the sweet and salty craze before but Choc Affair do this combination well and I am a complete convert. The salt is not subtle, you can taste it as much as the caramel but it works. By God it works!

Lime (white)
So it turns out I love lime chocolate. In my opinion I feel like it works better with the milk chocolate though. However, there is no escaping the very distinctive lovely lime flavour and it is gorgeous.

Peach and Raspberry (white)
This one is not for the faint hearted. The peach and raspberry flavourings are a surprisingly lovely combination in chocolate. Very fresh, very fruity. It works well being white chocolate and I think unlike others, it wouldnít of been as nice on milk or dark. The only downside is you just canít eat very much in one go.

Orange (milk)
Totally biased.. I hate chocolate orange. But I tried it, it tastes like chocolate orange so if you like that Ė big thumbs up!

So not only is the chocolate a resounding yes, the company is too; created from an idea a mother had about her 2 daughters troubles being like intolerant, itís a small family run business that manufactures and packages everything by hand.. lovely.

Jen (Retail Director)

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