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New agent for Shared Earth

On a recent visit to Bali, Febry Kadek was appointed as an agent for Shared Earth to ensure our new small-scale producer groups there meet Fair Trade standards.

New suppliers include Nick Ayu (dreamcatchers), Perdana (leaf notebooks), Taman Bali (mobiles), Bali Sablon (inspirational banners) and Bali Paradise (recycled paper).

Febry Kadek and Jeremy Piercy

Febry is extremely enthusiastic about Fair Trade and an excellent communicator. She visited Mitra Bali with us during our visit – the island’s long-standing Fair Trade organisation – and has learned an enormous amount over the past few months.

She also works for Tunjung Creative Women’s Project which we visited on the last day of our trip. This project provides employment for rural women in a remote area of Bali, making textiles from recycled fabrics.

Rainbow Dreamcatcher by Nick AyuRecycled frame by Bali ParadiseLeaf notebook by Perdana
Rainbow Dreamcatcher by Nick Ayu
Recycled frame by Bali Paradise
Leaf notebook by Perdana

Jeremy Piercy (MD)

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