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Sungai Watch - Update October 2022

Sungai Watch - Update October 2022

Collecting the plastic
We've just received an update on the amount of plastic collected from the barrier in Bali donated by Shared Earth:
March - October 2022: Non-Organic Material Collected 2,678kg

What Happens To The Waste?

The barrier is cleaned and maintained by the patrol team every day. The trash is pre-sorted on location by plastic and organic and brought to HQ for further processing:
  1. Weigh the collected trash and sort every piece into 15 different categories
  2. Analyse and record data to fuel conversations around plastic pollution with stakeholders
  3. Wash, shred and prepare trash for up-cycling
  4. Every waste category collected has value. The most valuable plastics are sent to aggregator partners for recycling. Experimentation is done with non-valuable plastics in a research lab to produce high quality plastic sheets made from plastic bags and plastic cups
Sorting the plastic
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