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Fair Trade, Eco and Ethical

Soap-n-Scent, Thailand

Soap-n-Scent is located in Chiangmai in northern Thailand. Its mission statement is "to create fair trade products that make bathing more than just a way of getting clean".

It aims:

  • to create equity and environmental sustainability
  • to create well ness of being
  • to create a workplace where people are happy to work
  • to keep what we promise
  • to spread the ideas of fair trade to others

All its soaps are handmade and handcut. The basic recipe starts with rice bran oil, an excellent moisturiser. It considers it immoral to kill an animal for a bar of soap; so all its soaps are made with pure vegetable oils and essential oils which do not clog skin pores, unlike animal fats. Palm oil is added, containing a high percentage of oleic; this makes the soap a superior conditioning and cleansing bar. Palm kernel and coconut oils provide even more moisture and give a rich, fluffy lather. Finally, olive oil is added as an emollient to produce a deep, moisturising effect.

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