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Reusable Tea/Coffee Travel Cup Eco Biodegradable Rice Husk Climate Stripes

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These are 'climate stripes' that represent how the Earth has changed in temperature from 1850 to 2018. Each stripe represents a single year and is coloured based on the difference between the average temperature for that year and the average temperature during 1971-2000. If the temperature is below that average, the bar turns blue, changing in density depending on how below it is. Likewise, higher, it turns varying shades of red. As you can see there is a very drastic increase of red towards the later years showing a sharp increase in temperature. It was created by a scientist to highlight what the climate crisis is causing in a way that makes it quite clear to understand without being crushed by the science itself. A movement started called #showusyourstripes brought this image out into the mainstream and is widely acknowledged as a symbol of proof that the climate crisis exists.

Have your tea, coffee or cold drinks on the go with this travel cup made from natural Rice Husk. Look after it and it will last for years.
  • 400ml Rice Husk Cup/Mug with silicone sleeve and lid (silicone is not biodegradable but is non-toxic and recyclable)
  • Made from rice husk. Contains no melamine or other plastics and is BPA and toxin free, so nothing nasty to leach into your drink. Unlike all the bamboo cups we are aware of, this rice husk cup is genuinely biodegradable as it does not contain melamine which is a plastic. When you are ready to dispose of this cup, soak it in water overnight, crush and bury it in compost or soil. It will start to biodegrade in soil within six months.
  • Light, Durable, Comfortable, Stylish, Strong, Easy to clean (no staining).
  • Wash before use. Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Comes in a cardboard gift box which explains product sustainability, advantages over bamboo cups, and final disposal.