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Fair Trade, Eco and Ethical


Nobunto, South Africa
Nobunto is based in the rural Overberg region on the West Cape Province, South Africa where the unemployment rate is about 50%. Nobunto provides employment mostly to women in this disadvantaged community. They are guaranteed a fair income. Nobunto's aim is to develop a company, that as well as being successful, is also socially responsible, ethical and sustainable.
Dignity and pride are still missing for many in the post-apartheid era, these are key qualities which Nobunto tries to instill in its workers. The suppression of human rights can still be seen today in some of the more deprived parts of South Africa. 
At Nobunto, the entire production process is in the hands of a small team of artisans, giving them increasing self-confidence and allowing some wonderful creative initiatives to occur. Painting of the candles is a highly skilled job. Firstly, the background colours are painted be special background artists, Then the various designs are expertly painted by other artists.
The word Nobunto in the Sotho language means 'for the people.
Nobunto runs according to WFTO (World Fair Trade Organisation) principles and is yearly certified under the Swiss Fair Trade certifier Fair For Life.
Nobunto workshop
Nobunto Workshop
Nobunto candle production
Nobunto Candle Production
Nobunto candles
Nobunto Candles
Nobunto candles
Nobunto Candles