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LoofCo coconut husk washing-up scraper, biodegradable, plastic free

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This LoofCo Washing-Up scraper is ideal for removing baked-on food from pans and baking trays. This sustainable coconut husk provides an eco-friendly to plastic scourers, sponges and brushes. This vegan-friendly brush is eco-friendly too, using biodegradable materials that will provide months of efficient cleaning. If the bristle-like edge of the scraper starts to fray, trim with scissors back to a solid edge for months more use. Once the husk has worn away, it can easily be recycled.

· Made from Coconut Husk
· Removes Baked-On Food
· For Pans & Oven Trays
· Durable
· Traditional
· Hand made

How to use: Rinse thoroughly before first use. Immerse in warm water and use with washing-up liquid or a washing-up soap. Soak baked on food first. Use the Scraper to lift off food residue. The curved blade-like edge at the front, the robust corners at the back & the fibrous coir fibres underneath tackle dirty pans with ease. After use, rinse and hang up to dry from string loop.

Dimensions: (l) 11.5 x (w) 7 cm

LoofCo's coconuts are grown and collected in Sri Lanka, often using fibres and husks that would otherwise be burned or thrown out as part of Sri Lanka's food and oil industries. These products are made with coconut coir, the material found between the shell of the coconut and the husk, and has natural anti-bacterial properties that make it beneficial to be used in cleaning products. The fibres remain stiff and bristly while wet but still retain liquid, meaning they're unlikely to scratch while you scrub! The metal core of the product is also 100% recyclable, and these products are durable and can last for months, unlike many others made of disposable plastic and foam.