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Cow bone engraved black white stripes earrings

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These beautiful African earrings are made in the slums of Nairobi in Kenya. They are crafted from cow bone into shapes and patterns traditionally seen in African jewellery. Working with cow bone requires great skill and dedication as it is a very difficult material to craft from. The reason they use this material over others are firstly, when circumstances dictate an animal be killed for food, in most places in the world, often the bones are discarded as waste. In Kenya, they try to show the animal as much respect as they can in using up all the remains of the animal so that it didnít die for nothing so they use the bones to make amongst other items, jewellery. Another reason is that itís relatively cheap compared to other natural resources in the area. Not everyone has the luxury of picking and choosing their materials and so the artisans have created items of beauty out of the resources available to them. This is something we see a lot in Fair Trade, where often items considered waste are remade into something useful and unique and people are able to craft a living out of it to support their families.

All our earrings have nickel-free hooks

Length 7cm

Made in Kenya

Not Vegan Friendly

Sales of these earrings help the producers bring long term development and poverty alleviation to the Mathare slums in Kenya. These slums are some of the worst around Nairobi and are heavily riddled with crime and drugs. Some of the money made from these earrings is focused on youth rehabilitation, stopping the cycle of children getting into drugs and crime and perpetuating the problem. It helps provide them with schooling, with after school activities such as dancing or football and when old enough, they help them with employment. A reduction in crime rates has already begun to be seen so please help us support this cause further see it go down even more.