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Round soapstone trinket box with mandala design hand carved 8cm diameter

(Code: ASH2326)
£ 9.99
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A beautiful circular shaped soapstone trinket box with a mandala design, hand-carved from soapstone by talented artisans in India. This piece is ideal for all your bits and bobs, including rings, crystals or general keepsakes.

The mandala is a symbol popular in Hindu and Buddhist iconography, coming from the Sanskrit word for ‘circle’. Tracing over, creating, or simply visualising a mandala is said to aid in meditation, as it helps to focus on the chakras and the process of gaining enlightenment.

The material soapstone is commonly used for sculptures and is created with talc and other minerals such as magnesite. Through the process of heat, pressure and time, this type of stone is created and is called soapstone due to the talc giving it a silky feel.

Dimensions: Height 3.5, Width 8cm, Length 8cm

This product is hand engraved by talented artisans at Asha Handicrafts. Artisans creating this range are highly skilled and have an amazing eye for detail. Asha in Sanskrit means ‘hope’ and they are a Fairtrade organisation dedicated to helping craftsmen financially through welfare centres and interrelated programs.

Made in India.