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Fair Trade, Eco and Ethical


The aim of Fair Trade is not to provide emergency relief, but to create trading relationships where people have sustainable employment, which improve their living standards and see them through difficult times. However, disasters do strike, especially in this age of climate change where floods, droughts and extreme weather are increasingly common. In addition of course there has been the Covid pandemic.

We try to do our best in these situations, a drop in the ocean but at least something. These are the recent donations made by Shared Earth UK:

Year ending 31/3/2023

  • £8,800 Tools for Bali
  • £300 Asha Handicrafts training session for artisans
  • £459 John Lally International Foundation
  • £1.195 Oxfam
  • $3,500 Sungai Watch

Year ending 31/3/2022

  • £4,000 Sungai Watch (river barrier to stop plastic flowing into the ocean, Bali)
  • £6-9,000 Budget agreed for tools, machinery etc for artisans in Bali
  • £290 Stock at cost to Recycle community outreach project
  • £7,500 Stock at cost to Barnardos

Year ending 31/3/2021

  • £2,400 Asha Handicrafts for Covid relief in Mumbai slums
  • £500 Zuri – masks and hand sanitisers in Kibera slum, Nairobi + food aid to families in Uganda
  • £100 Zuri for evicted slumdwellers in Nairobi
  • £351 Conserve (eco supplier, New Delhi)

Year ending 31/3/2020

  • £2,000 Karm Marg (home for street children, New Delhi)
  • £2,000 Sasha (Fair Trader, Kolkata) (for environmental projects)
  • £2,000 Joliba Trust (reclaiming deserts in Mali)
  • £380 Medical expenses for producer in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • £500 Stock at cost to Barnardos
  • £188 Other misc donations

In addition, our shops often give products to local charities for raffles and other fund-raising events.