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Bathroom cleaning pad loofah, biodegradable, eco-friendly

(Code: LFC08)
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With 3 generous layers of loofah stitched together for extra scrubbing power over wide surface areas, this eco friendly pad makes cleaning baths, tiles, sinks and showers quick and easy. Durable and flexible, it will last for months and when worn out can be composted. Each pad has a convenient cotton hanging string for quick and easy drying. Perfect for a zero waste and plastic free lifestyle, while maintaining the same cleaning properties of normal sponges.

All LoofCo products are made with sustainably-sourced plant fibres from the loofah plant - hence the name! These products are made using traditional methods passed down through generations and hand-crafted by skilled workers in Sri Lanka and Egypt who are able to work in an inclusive environment whilst being paid fairly and receiving medical benefits. LoofCo is a strictly Vegan company and uses only human workers, meaning that the company is registered with the Vegan Society. All elements of LoofCo's products are either recyclable or compostable, from the natural fibres, to the packaging.

How to use: This Loofah has been flattened for transport to save space and may appear abrasive in this state. When immersed in water it will swell up and become a spongy, flexible yet robust pad. Use with warm water and cleaning product. After use rinse well, squeeze out excess water and hang to dry from a cotton loop.

Dimensions: (l) 18 x (w) 11.5cm

Loofah plants are grown and harvested in Egypt by skilled farmers. The plants are similar to cucumbers and grow rapidly on vines, and are then peeled, deseeded and dried, then cut and processed - all by hand. This generations-old tradition creates a product that is perfect for cleaning household goods due to its robust nature, whilst also being spongy and gentle enough to be used on skin during a self-care routine. These plants are durable and can last for months, unlike many products made of disposable plastic and foam.