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Fair Trade, Eco and Ethical


Shared Earth sells a wide range of products made from a wide range of recycled/re-used materials, including computer circuit boards, pencil crayons, tin cans, and, our ever popular and growing range, bicycle chain. Below are just a few examples. See the whole range >>

Recycled tin cans
Reused pencil crayons
Recycled bike chain
Recycled leaf

Jeremy Piercy, founder of Shared Earth, writes 

I've always been mad keen on protecting the environment. Forty years ago, I was considered a crank because I insisted on recycling bottles, before even the idea of kerbside collections was considered. Twenty years ago I was planting trees. Today, I annoy our staff at Shared Earth by insisting we separate all our waste and throw as little as possible to landfill.

Since we first opened in 1986, I've always looked out for recycled products. When we started selling to other shops in 1991, we were one of the first businesses to wholesale cards and stationery made from recycled paper. Since then we've sold products made not just from paper, tin and glass but all kinds of weird and wonderful materials - old saris, bicycle chains, cement bags, door locks, computer boards, plastic bottles, shells and bullets from the war in Cambodia, bus windscreens - many are available here on this website. Often there's just one small workshop in the whole world making them, they're so unusual.