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Fair Trade, Eco and Ethical

De la Selva

De la Selva, 'From the Mayan people to you', was founded in 1991 and works with artisans all over Guatemala. The majority of production takes place in the homes of Maya descendants who live in small communities in the highlands and lowlands of Guatemala. De la Silva has been able to achieve commendable results in improving infrastructure in far-flung regions, building schools, ensuring clean drinking water, improving waste management and supports many other developmental projects. Its dream is to make the indigenous communities it works with self-sufficient so that they and their families are able to live a better life.

The main product it produces is the worry doll. And if you don't know the story... The Mayans believed that there are Worry people. You should whisper your worries to these, your special Worry Dolls, and then, later that night, you should place your Worry Dolls under the bed, the hammock, the pillow, or the leaves you sleep on. When you wake up, the Worry Dolls will have taken your worries away...

De la Selva is not a member of WFTO but its aims and ethical business practices mean that it is recognised as a Fair Trade organisation throughout the world.