A chocolate lover’s guide to chocolate…

Jen - Shared Earth Liverpool shop manager

I wouldn’t like to say I’m a connoisseur of chocolate but I’ve eaten enough in my lifetime to feel like my opinion must hold some weight. Over the years Shared Earth has sold many brands of fair trade and ethically sourced chocolate but none have been as popular as the ‘Choc Affair’ chocolate that we sell now. We’re completely taken in by their beautiful packaging and outrageous flavours. No other manufacturer I’ve come across can put rose with raspberry and make a combination that borders on heavenly. It’s not their only flavour either, we currently stock 15 different ones and I have had the pleasure of sampling them all just for you, and here are my results;

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Brazilica Festival 2016

Cathie - Liverpool

Guess who popped by our shop Saturday??


We at Shared Earth Liverpool stayed open late especially to watch the festivities and I’m so glad we did. Not only did it prove beneficial to our sales for the day, we the staff all had a great view and we were lucky that each float stopped just outside our shop and we witnessed some amazing drumming and dancing so good in fact, we just had to join in. All in all a great time was had by all and here’s some photo’s of the event. We hope you like them.. let us know!!

A day in the life of a Shared Earth Sales Assistant

Helen - Liverpool

I can honestly say working for Shared Earth is a rewarding job. Not only do we have the best customers we also have great colleagues, who are more like family. Everyone is so accepting of all our flaws and eccentricities. Jen has a hard job looking after us all.

The day always starts with opening up and doing the chores, which include tills, sweeping and mopping, Turning on the music box and selecting the CD for the day ahead, which will set the mood. Sometimes we have a really chilled CD, like Tibetan Mantras or my personal favourite African Voices, which is really lively and happy. The best track is Fire and we have our very own dance, come in and join us we will be glad to teach you the moves.

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Cathie – The incense aficionado

Cathie - Liverpool

Hi I’m Cathie!

I have worked for Shared Earth since our Liverpool branch opened in 2006. I love this shop and I am in my element here as I’ve always loved anything ethnic or unusual. My home is a combination of Shared Earth and IKEA with heavy Victorian influences. This may sound a bit mad but it works for me. I am the shop’s connoisseur on incense. It’s one of my weak points; I literally can’t stop buying it, even though in my house right now I have over 20 packets. Below is my guide to good incense..

Stealing the number one spot is my new favourite, the white sage from our elements range. It’s so clean and fresh, perfect for the daytime. We have only just started stocking it and it is already a firm favourite with the staff. In fact, only 12 packets were sent and 10 of those never made it to shop floor (not just through me though) as staff absolutely loved it too.

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Second Shared Earth shop opening in York

Great News: Shared Earth will soon be opening a 2nd shop in York!

We will be moving (hopefully in September) into 5 Bootham, York YO30 7BN, which is just outside Bootham Bar, formerly Mary Shortle doll shop and more recently Florence Wren sweet shop.

We have some great new products lined up for it and will post updates here on our blog!

Full and part-time staff wanted. More information can be found here on our website.

My first trade show

Rachel - Liverpool

Hello, my name is Rae and I am the assistant manager here at Shared Earth (Liverpool) and although I have worked here since 2006 this is my first blog post so here goes..

I wanted to share my experience with you working on my first ever trade show at the Birmingham NEC. Myself and my manager Jen travelled down by train after work on the Wednesday night and booked into our hotel. Luckily it’s only a two minute walk from the station which we were grateful for since we were going to be calling it home for the next 8 nights. I was a little apprehensive as I hadn’t been away from my family this long before and had began worrying how good I would be at promoting our goods as the company depends on the orders taken at the trade show.
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Meet the Artisans – Ms Mousmeen, Tara Projects

Mousmeen, co-ordinator of a Tara Projects artisan group

Ms. Mousmeen (pictured) is the coordinator of the Khiwai Mahila Hastshilp artisan group which is based in Khiwai village in District Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

For the girls in the village, proceeding to higher education is a dream for them and the lack of this educational background means they can become victims of exploitation.

More than a decade ago, Mousmeen and several of her fellow women were working for contractors that were taking jewellery orders from the city for them to make in the village, this commercial trade did not ensure a fair price for them.

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Celebrating 10 years in Liverpool

Jen - Shared Earth Liverpool shop manager

We can’t believe we opened our shop in Liverpool ten years ago this September. It doesn’t seem that long ago and yet when we try and picture what Bold Street was like then before all the cafés and restaurants moved we’re shocked by how much has actually changed and that 10 years in retail really is a long time.

My memories back then are really hazy now. We opened in a blur. Minimum training, the manager was instantly on a pre-existing booked holiday, we had very little knowledge of anything and in fact, we didn’t even have a till, just an old fashioned cash tin under the counter. That didn’t stop us though, our first days trading was so busy. Fair Trade was alive in this city and we all felt it (in our feet and our backs) come closing time.

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Helping Nepal Producers – Update

Yesterday we learnt that further earthquakes were occurring in Nepal, with unknown loss of life. Many roads have been blocked by landslides making it hard for relief workers to gain access to villages. The monsoon will arrive soon and will make it even more difficult in remote areas.

Financial support is vital to help the people of Nepal, both to deal with their immediate needs – buying tents, food, clothing etc – and to help them rebuild their communities and country. We urge you to do all you can – you can make donations here.

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