A Visit to Meelarp Ceramics in Lampang

Christian - Designer

We didn’t see wild elephants today but there was a chance we might and on wildlife treks that is often as good as it gets.

We weren’t trekking to be fair, this is a business trip to Meelarp Ceramics in Lampang, 95km from Chiangmai. The road cuts through mountains and forest which make up one of Thailand’s nature reserves. Between them Chiangmai and Lampang have 13 nature reserves.

The heat was intense; without air-conditioning Jeremy and I would have made a good impression of chickens browning in a rotisserie.

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On a Buying Trip in Thailand – Chakuchat Market in Bangkok

Christian - Designer
Buying trips are nothing but hard, hard grind. Honestly. And the occasional wonderful meal … particularly in Thailand.

We spent two days at Chakuchat Market in Bangkok, remaking contact with existing producers and seeking out new contact and products.

Imagine pacing backwards and forwards in a 4 kilometre long sauna while pushing past 200,000 shoppers and a million different products and you will get the gist of it. The market is 1.1 square kilometres in size (27 acres for farmers out there) and contains 15,000 different stalls. Plants, t-shirts, incense, jewellery, art, dream catchers, lighting, cuddly toys, carvings, electrical products, kitchenware, pencils, candles … the list is endless.

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