Caitlin Moves to York!


Hey I’m Caitliń-rose, you may recall my last post about Crystals.

Today I’m going to talk about a major life change I’ve undertaken… Moving to York!

I moved up from my hometown (the absolutely amazing Liverpool which I will always love) to the stunning city of York around the second week of September, my main reason for moving was to make the most of a brilliant opportunity offered to me by Shared Earth, to progress into a full time role, and also to satisfy my wanderlust, I adore travelling! Conveniently, the tenancy on my flat was coming to an end anyway so it seemed like it was just meant to be!

I worked in the Liverpool branch for over two years and I enjoyed every second, I met some of the best people around (co-workers and customers who soon became regulars too!) and they will always hold a special place in my heart… As my family are mainly based in Liverpool, I do get to visit a lot which I love doing and I always make sure to pop in to the Liverpool store to see how everyone is and catch up.

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For the love of crystals


Hey there!

My name is Caitliń and I work in the Liverpool store on the iconic Bold Street. I started over two years ago as a volunteer on a Saturday, and now I’ve been a paid member of staff since the end of October! Funnily enough, Saturday is now my set paid day! 🙂

I absolutely love everything that we sell here at Shared Earth, and especially the uniqueness of everything and how the hard working artisans who expertly handcraft our products are paid fairly for their work. But today I’m going to talk to you about what would have to be my favourite type of product we sell… Crystals!

Now, Crystals have many different uses, including (but not limited to) healing, protection, meditation, even for decoration and most commonly for people to make use of their mystical healing properties. I personally love to implement all of the uses, especially the metaphysical properties that each beautiful Crystals inhibits.

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