For the love of crystals


Hey there!

My name is Caitliń and I work in the Liverpool store on the iconic Bold Street. I started over two years ago as a volunteer on a Saturday, and now I’ve been a paid member of staff since the end of October! Funnily enough, Saturday is now my set paid day! 🙂

I absolutely love everything that we sell here at Shared Earth, and especially the uniqueness of everything and how the hard working artisans who expertly handcraft our products are paid fairly for their work. But today I’m going to talk to you about what would have to be my favourite type of product we sell… Crystals!

Now, Crystals have many different uses, including (but not limited to) healing, protection, meditation, even for decoration and most commonly for people to make use of their mystical healing properties. I personally love to implement all of the uses, especially the metaphysical properties that each beautiful Crystals inhibits.

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The cost of carrier bags

Jen - Shared Earth Liverpool shop manager

According to the Government’s website, “In 2014 over 7.6 billion single-use bags were given to customers by major supermarkets in England”. That is an astronomical figure when you consider that’s more bags than there are people on this planet. They also say that figure was rising year on year despite the fact they estimated the average household already had 40 used bags sitting in their kitchen cupboards already. I think without meaning to we’ve become a ‘throw away’ society and here at Shared Earth, we believe in doing our bit to remedy this.

The government introduced the carrier bag levy last year and many supermarkets have reported up to an 80% cut in carrier bag use; this is phenomenal. Shared Earth introduced a carrier bag charge around 5 years prior to this and although we can’t claim an 80% reduction, we can claim a very positive swing towards not only a drastic cut in carrier bags being purchased but a noticeable rise in the amount of jute and cotton reusable bags being sold and we are over the moon about this.

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A chocolate lover’s guide to chocolate…

Jen - Shared Earth Liverpool shop manager

I wouldn’t like to say I’m a connoisseur of chocolate but I’ve eaten enough in my lifetime to feel like my opinion must hold some weight. Over the years Shared Earth has sold many brands of fair trade and ethically sourced chocolate but none have been as popular as the ‘Choc Affair’ chocolate that we sell now. We’re completely taken in by their beautiful packaging and outrageous flavours. No other manufacturer I’ve come across can put rose with raspberry and make a combination that borders on heavenly. It’s not their only flavour either, we currently stock 15 different ones and I have had the pleasure of sampling them all just for you, and here are my results;

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