Helping Nepal Producers – Update

Yesterday we learnt that further earthquakes were occurring in Nepal, with unknown loss of life. Many roads have been blocked by landslides making it hard for relief workers to gain access to villages. The monsoon will arrive soon and will make it even more difficult in remote areas.

Financial support is vital to help the people of Nepal, both to deal with their immediate needs – buying tents, food, clothing etc – and to help them rebuild their communities and country. We urge you to do all you can – you can make donations here.

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Helping Nepal Producers

As many of you know we at Shared Earth buy from several suppliers in Nepal, who have been out of touch over the last few days due to power failures. We have now had word from all of them, and they are OK, though some artisan groups are yet to be contacted. There is huge damage to infrastructure, many people are still out on the streets afraid to go inside, and the rebuilding process will take many months.

Please help by making a donation here.

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