The Spring Fair and Me

Jen - Shared Earth Liverpool shop manager

The first spring fair I ever did was 3 years ago. I turned up wide eyed with a smile on my face and a fresh eagerness to fill my order sheets with lots of custom. What I didn’t realise was that the only day I was doing was the final day. The very quiet, very slow, slightly soul destroying Thursday (you all know what I mean). I soon realised, not only was it harder then I thought to turn an enquiry into a sale, but to coax people out of the aisles and on to the stand was a much tougher feat then I ever imagined. I felt like a failure, dejected and sad. I vowed to come back with a vengeance given the opportunity.. and I got it, one year later.

Last year was a new beginning. We changed our location to a corner aisle, we had a brand new stand, less green, and more in keeping with the feel and atmosphere of our company and boy, what a difference it made. David, our new Wholesale Manager, brought a renewed energy to the mix and that hopeful feeling started to return. Apparently the first two days are always the busiest but compared to my very quiet Thursday of the previous year, I couldn’t believe the difference. People were freely wandering on to the stand and sales started trickling in. By the end of the first day, my feet ached, my jaw ached, my back ached but the feeling of achievement I felt far surpassed those. By the end of the week, I was exhausted, packing up the stand seemed to take forever and I was glad to be leaving Birmingham for home. A few days later, the results of the figures came through and we’d improved our sales drastically from the year previously. All the feet ache was worth it and I felt that fire in my belly coming back.

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