Why I like working for Shared Earth!

Jen - Shared Earth Liverpool shop manager

Some of you may know me, most of you may not but my name is Jenny and I have worked for Shared Earth for 8 years. I manage our Liverpool branch on Bold Street (the best street in this fair city) and have worked in it since the day it opened waaaaaay back in September 2006. My shop has changed a lot since then, it’s evolved and grown and undoubtedly gotten better. From little things to aesthetic improvements to just a renewed sense of achievement and invincibility from surviving the recession which sadly a few of our neighbouring shops did not. Continue reading Why I like working for Shared Earth!

Positively speaking

Jeremy Piercy (MD)

“2015,” said a member of staff at Shared Earth recently, “is all about being positive.” I’m not sure if this is a genuine trend but I want to make it one! We’ve had years of recession. Well I for one have decided that the worst IS over and I am going to MAKE 2015 a better year.

I’d like to tell you the story of one of our suppliers in India. The people who started it were at the very bottom of society – I don’t just mean badly off, I mean just about as badly off as they could get. They were street children living on New Delhi railway station. About 300,000 children roam and work the streets of New Delhi. They come from all over the country, mostly from rural India. Some have run away from abuse at home; others are lured by the glitz and glamour of the big city. Continue reading Positively speaking