Our Mission Statement:

Fair Trade and environmental issues are closely interlinked. The problems caused by the climate crisis, in particular, affect countries in the South far more than those in the North; tackling it is a top priority.

Significant impacts

Our Environmental Policy is based on where we can be most effective in achieving our aim of protecting the environment and tackling the climate crisis – our ‘significant impacts’. These are listed in terms of priority; a low priority does not mean that we ignore these areas, simply that they have less potential for reducing carbon emissions or other environmental damage.

Starting with our overseas activities, these are:

We next consider the carbon emissions we create through the buying and selling process in the UK:

Finally, we consider the impact our policies, actions and awareness raising may have on customers, suppliers, staff, other businesses, decision makers and the general public High

Our overall aim is to strike a balance between environmental, social and economic responsibilities and always to improve environmental standards within the company, our key aim being – to tackle climate change.

Specific policies

Raw materials

Production processes

Transportation overseas and to the UK

Packaging (overseas)

Waste (overseas)

Travel to overseas

Travel and transport in the UK

Heat and lighting

Waste and recycling in our office

Heat and lighting at warehouse

Packaging and waste at warehouse


Awareness raising


Charity donations


Performance will be reviewed annually, including every second year as part of the WFTO self-assessment process.

Last reviewed: March 2022