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SHARED EARTH - Fair Trade, Eco and Ethical Products

As a Fair Trading company...

...we believe it is possible to trade fairly and ethically whilst benefiting artisans and craftsmen. Shared Earth is one of the UKs leading suppliers of Fair Trade, eco-friendly, recycled/re-made and ethical products, selling a wide range of gifts, home and fashion accessories, jewellery, cards and games. We buy from over 80 producer groups in 16 countries and release hundreds of new lines each year.

Fair wages and working conditions for the artisans

We ensure that the artisans who make our products get a fair wage, their workplace is safe, that there is no exploitation (for instance of children), that women are treated equally, and that the community and those most in need of work benefit from our trade.


We encourage the use of sustainable materials, and offer a large selection of recycled Fair Trade products.


Not all our products are Fair Trade; some we buy because of their eco credentials. Others we describe as ethical because whilst the supplier has not reached the high standards of Fair Trade, we are happy that they trade in an ethical manner where staff are treated fairly, the workplace is safe and there is no exploitation of women and children.


Environmental Policy